Collaborative Project-Based Learning

Why the Collaborative Project?

Students involved in learning activities created by the group presenting. This one was a think-pair-share.

This is the first year that I was able to start teaching my enriched (Pre-AP) 10th grade English class from the start. My goals this year were:

1. Provide authentic learning experiences (collaborative, inquiry-based, analytical, etc.).

2. Prepare students for college and beyond.

I absolutely love my enriched English class. When I say “jump” not only do they ask, “How high?” but they ask, “Which way? Why? Where do you want me to land? How will this help me?” and so on. These students not only tackle each task with tenacity but they analyze and question. They reflect and revise. Most of the time this is done without having to tell them.

During the course of my administration degree, I have been asked to work in collaborative groups in which we guide our own learning and present our findings. Each class was almost entirely didactic. Classes also included discussions surrounding assigned texts. It dawned on me that these were authentic learning experiences for me. My brain got fired up when I participated in discussions surrounding what inspires and impassions me; I want that for my students.

Students who are working together toward a common goal are more engaged with the content and skills being taught. They are guiding their own learning and will find out what they need to when they need it.


Revision history and my comments.

The various learning modalities I utilized were:

1. Cooperative learning

2. Flipped lessons

3. Mini lessons

4. Modeling and guided practice

5. Co-teaching

6. Collaboration

The unit I implemented allowed students to:

1. Research (alone and together)

2. Reflect (on own learning and group process)

3. Present (twice – once alone and once as a group)

4. Write (a lot – together and alone)

5. Inquire and find answers (survey peers, research, discuss)

6. Work in small groups, play on each other’s strengths (team building and collaborate)


I created a rubric for each assignment that students received ahead of time.  Here are the handouts – rubrics andpacket – that students received. I’ve also included some of my other resources.

Unit Plan and Order of Lessons

Click here: This is the order in which the activities took place.


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